Uros Taquile 2 Days1 Night

Uros Taquile 2 Days, TOURS IN PUNO

This is the classic tour that a pool of travel agencies puts together for small budget travelers. Even though it is a very popular trip, there is a lot of controversy about this low-priced tour group because it does not pay fairly to the locals for their food and home stay services.

The 3,600 inhabitants of Amantani have also a Quechua origin and they are mainly small farmers. The most important crops in Amantani are Andean potatoes, bailey and green beans. The “Amantaneños” have not been as successful in their tourism entrepreneurial initiatives as their neighbors from Taquile. However, they are able to welcome you with much appreciation and sincerity.

islas uros taquileA visit to Amantani necessarily implies to stay one night on the island. The houses are very simple and services are basic. There is no running water, no electricity and of course no toilets or showers. For many people this home-stay experience and the encounter with the host family is a revelation of the reality of Andean people at such altitude.

Amantani Island is located 26 miles (38 Km) away from the city of Puno (3 ½ hours of navigation in normal boat). Because of a more distant location, tourism on the island of Amantani has not developed as much as in Taquile.