Manu 4 Days / 3 Nights

Manu National Park, JUNGLE TRIPS

Peru’s Manu National Park is in the southwestern corner of the vast Amazon basin. It can be reached from Cusco, the former Inka Capital. Manu makes a perfect combination with a visit to the Inka Citadel Machu Picchu, one of the Wonders of the World. Its limits are reached from Cusco after about 4 hours by car down the Manu Road, but then it will still take you an additional 2 days by car and boat to get to its most pristine heart in Manu’s Reserved Zone.



Departure from Cusco early in the morning in one of our vehicles specially equipped for the route. We pass through picturesque valleys and rural communities. By mid-morning visit the Pre-Inca Tombs Ninamarca, known as "Chullpas" Then we will go to Paucartambo typical colonial town of much importance at that time and still retains its flavor. Continuing the journey to ascend to the pass at 3,850 meters Acjanacu From here we will descend through the cloud forest, an area rich in endemic species as the spectacled bear and the cock of the rock, orchids, bromeliads, ferns, etc. and others where we spend our first night comfortably installed in our hostel Orchids San Pedro. 


Very early we can appreciate the interesting courtship dance of the Cock of the Rock, the national bird of Peru, who has a striking plumage of red-orange intense installed in a camouflaged platform, after breakfast we continue our journey by bus, crossing the high forest, arriving at the town of Pilcopata *, then the port of Atalaya, located along the Alto Madre de Dios River, 700 m place from which to begin the descent down the river for 15 minutes. We can see the enormous diversity of existing birds, including herons, vultures, cormorants, etc.. up to our private reserve "Erika" where we will walk through the interesting trail of this transitional area between high and lowland forest. Overnight in the lodge.

  • 1 Optional: Descend with mountain bikes from San Pedro Lodge (1700 masl) Cloud Forest Pilcopata (700 m) recommended only for people with much experience, depending on availability of bicycles and weather conditions.
  • 2 Free Optional: From Pilcopata embark on a journey of approximately 1 ½ hours of river rafting (class I and II) by rivers Koshñipata and / or Alto Madre de Dios, past the spectacular Koñeq Pongo's where we stop to enjoy the scenery and a swim in crystal waters. It will continue until we reach our hostel.
  • 3 New! Optional: We walked along a trail that leads us to our observation deck located 15 feet above the lick itself where we wait for the lumbering peccaries to observe and photograph it in action. Important: The successful observation depends on luck, availability and weather conditions.


Erika is located in a transition zone between High and Low Selva Selva (600 m - 1,550 m), the different altitudes give rise to different habitats, thus explaining the high diversity of wildlife in the area. After breakfast, we board our boat which will sail for 5 minutes to cross the Madre de Dios River and walk for 30 minutes along an interesting path to observe and talk about interesting flora as sensitive plants, heliconia, fruit plantations, etc. . down to the lagoon where Machuwasi install the telescope to observe birds as herons, toucans, carpenter crestirojo, bienteveos, cardinals, etc.

  • Optional 4 Free - Canopy tour: Our customers Erika Lodge have the opportunity to move from tree to tree and from platform to platform using a wire harness with a horizontal track system with which glide at high speed across the tops of the trees of this fabulous Amazon where you can see from above the birds and other diversity of the area. Expert guides assist you at all times during this exciting experience and I explain everything interesting to observe from the moment you leave the ground until you rappel down from 30 meters in height.



 After breakfast we board our boat which will sail for 10 minutes to go to the clay lick,a clay wall of the river where different species of parrots like the blue-headed parrot, white eyed parakeets and macaw possibly Maracano (Ara severa) among others, go every morning to remove and lick clay pieces that contain the minerals needed for balanced diet. At the end of this daily activity, continue in the boat to the port of Atalaya, where we expect the bus to take us to Cusco, arriving late in the afternoon. END OF OUR SERVICES.


  • land and water transportation, 01 nights in San Pedro Tambo, 02 nights in Erika Lodge, meals (vegetarian option), bilingual guide, complete equipment for canoeing, first aid kit including anti-ophidian, service of guardianship of luggage, safe for documents and valuables.


  • Camera Binoculars films (preferably ASA 400) 
  • Towel, swimwear, 
  • Slippers, Walking Shoes 
  • Flashlight with spare bulbs and batteries 
  • Insect repellent (recommended 40%) 
  • Attachments personal hygiene, medicine for personal use 
  • Towel, bathing suit and sandals. 
  • Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen 
  • Waterproof, light jacket, cotton pants 
  • Luggage backpack daypack 
  • Warm clothing if friaje. 
  • Plastic bags, a bottle of water for the first day