Salkantay being the mountain of snowy that he/she is approximately among the 6300 m.s.n.m that in turn this surrounded for snowy of Umantay and Salkantay and others. This Itinerary has a duration of 5 days 4 nights, where it will allow him to enjoy landscapes spectacular and many emotions. Being a Trekking with many novelties.



He picks up of the hotel it will be a.m. at 4:00 o'clock and we leave a.m. at 4:30 o'clock the City of the Cusco and going later by the towns of Izcuchaca Limatambó that we arrive approximately to Mollepata at 9.00am o'clock, a stop is made to take a slight breakfast it stops then to begin our walk of the first day next to the support personnel, at the 12 of the half-day, we will have a stop to serve the lunch in the field of the sector of Silcakancha and after three hours of walk we will arrive firstly to Soraypamapa where you camps in this day.  


After a good one I have breakfast in the morning, we will get ready to continue our walk and the but strong of the trip, then we give beginning to the walk at 7.a.m o'clock, a crossing is made to the denominated place Salkantaypampa, he/she stops soon to go toward the left side of the denominated snow - Umantayblanco that this fence to the snowy of Salkantay, where we will arrive p.m. to this place among 12 o'clock being the point but high, in which calls you (the step Salkaytay Umantay to 4650 msnm) from this point we will observe the snowy ones and the glaciers of the Salkantay and it is appreciated this way gorgeously the view of the avalanches of the snow, after one hour the stopped apara is made eat lunch in this denominated place Huayrac, it is a community it stops then to descend and to continue our walk toward the brow of the forest. After an hour and a half of lunch we will continue our walk it stops then to arrive to Challway we will be among 5pm o'clock where he/she waits for us our second camping site. 


After the breakfast, This day will be unforgettable because through the following way we will observe Flora great variety and of Fauna, where we will appreciate the formation of thermal waters in a small valley, then you arrives to the denominated place Sahuayaco, in this place almorzáremos he/she stops then to take a transport toward Santa Teresa, then to follow the course of the river Salkantay and Santa Teresa, observing diverse varieties of this section of Orchids and of waterfalls of great magnitude, in turn the great variety of the cultivated coffee is appreciated, fruit-bearing trees, bananas, grenade and the avocados finally will end up camping approximately in the denominated place Lucmabamba 5.p.m. 


The exit is programmed for 7:30 in the morning, we have a walk approximately 2 hours it stops then to pass Santa Teresa's old population that was destroyed by an alluvium in the year 1997, arriving this way approximately to the Oroya at 10:00 o'clock, it Stops then to pass the Oroya where it was experienced strong emotions then we continue our walk it stops later on to appreciate an underground river in turn you can appreciate the Hydroelectric of Machupicchu place where the electric power is extracted for the City of the Cusco, arriving this way at the Town of the Hydroelectric one, lunch place, place where we will say goodbye to the support personnel during the tour, he/she stops then to take the train of Hydro toward Hot Waters, in this place the one will be made he/she spends the night in the same population's inn. 


After the breakfast we will begin the walk toward archaeological center of Machupicchu it stops then to appreciate the dawn of Machupicchu, we will have our tour guided during two hours by the same guide professional in tourism, he/she stops later to have the free time that you/they will be able to take pictures, to ascend to the Huaynapicchu, and among other, this same day he/she takes the train of Hot Waters Cusco arriving approximately p.m. at 20.45 o'clock 


  • Tourist Cusco transports - Mollepata   
  • Bilingual professional guides   
  • Feeding 4 breakfasts - 4 lunches - 3 dinners   
  • Camping site team like they are (triple Carps, Carp cooks, Tables, Seats, Matras, the support personnel's team.   
  • Horses and muleteers (that take the stores, foods and the team of Camping site and of kitchen).   
  • 01 inn night in Hot Waters   
  • He/she cooks and Auxiliary   
  • First-aid kit, ball of I oxygenate.   
  • Ticket of entrance to Machupicchu   
  • Ticket of return train in backpacker 

Not Included

  • Bag of sleeping  
  • Last lunch in the Town of Hot Waters   
  • Additional horse for their personal belongings (US $80.00 for 4 days)   
  • Others that are not mentioned 


  • Necessary clothes for the 5 days of walk, clothes abrigadora.   
  • Jacket or poncho for the rain   
  • Ideal shoes for trekking   
  • Camera, filmadora, batteries   
  • Caps to be protected of the sun, rain and the one fried   
  • Blocking lot   
  • Repellent for the insects   
  • Pills purificantes   
  • Cookies, chocolates and candies   
  • It dilutes mineral