This tour is recommended for the budget travelers with no much time for in depth culturalisland taquileexploration. Upon the arrival on the island, the group enjoys a 1-hour hike towards the main village. On the way the guide will explain about traditions and live on the island. Once in the main village you will be given free time to explore the local handicraft market.

Taquile has approximately 1,200 inhabitants. The people from this island have a Quechua origin and they are mostly small farmers.

However, since mid 70s they have also become well known for their firm entrepreneurial spirit. Since the beginning of the tourism flow to the island, some “Taquilenos” have been participating directly with the tourism activities. Some of them have organized themselves to provide tourism services such as home stays, restaurants and boat transportation.


Includes visit to floating islands Uros

Starts: 07:00 a.m. Returns: 17.30 p.m.


Departure time & Price upon request. Ask for quotation.

Tour Descriptions

Navigation time: 3 hours each way.
Tour duration in Uros: 45 min – 1 hour
Tour duration in Taquile: 2 and 1/2 hours
06:30 a.m.: *Pick up from hotels downtown Puno
07:00 a.m.: Departure to floating islands and Taquile
08:00 a.m.: Visit of floating islands of Uros on the way to Taquile.
11:00 a.m.: Arrival in northern dock of the island and start 1 hour hike.
12:15 a.m.: Arrival in main village of Taquile. Main plaza and market visit
13:00 p.m.: Lunch time (lunch not included in price)
14:30 p.m.: Return to Puno from main dock
17:00 p.m.: Arrival in Puno


Pick-up from hotels, English-Spanish speaking guide, entrance fees, boat transportation
Not included: lunch, tips