City Tours Lima: 1 Day

  • At 9.30 start the tour and visit the:
  • Plaza san Martín
  • Plaza de Armas
  • Visita a la Catedral
  • Visita a las Catacumbas (Iglesia San Francisco)
  • Visita al museo de la Inquisición
  • Salida del centro de Lima hacia Miraflores
  • Paseo alrededor de la Huaca Pucllana
  • Paseo alrededor  Olivar de San Isidro
  • Visita al Parque del amor
  • Llegada a Larcomar

    13:30     Lunch

    15:00     Visit the Andean market   (1hr 30min) 

    16:45     tour around the beach (40min)

    18:25     visit at the magical water park (1hr) 

Day 2:

  • 09:00     Live the Hotel
  • 09:40     Pachacamac ruins (2hr)
  • 12:20     golden museum (1hr 15min)
  • 14:00     Lunch
  • 15:30     Back at your Hotel


In the historic center of Lima, along Paseo de la republica, Plaza San Martín, Plaza Mayor with their different buildings: Palacio de Gobierno, the Cathedral, Plaza de Armas, The Archbishop’s Palace and municipal station to the homeless and old streets with colonial mansions and Moorish balconies. 

Municipality of Lima, the Temple of San Francisco where we visit the cloisters, the catacombs, and religious museum, we toured the main streets where colonial mansions are located. 

We visit the monumental Convento de San Francisco, which is the largest exhibition of colonial art in America. Coral can appreciate the room and the library of the monks, the sacristy, with its collection of paintings by Zurbaran and Rivera. The Grand Courtyard of the main cloister, finely decorated with Seville tiles of the sixteenth century, its beautiful Moorish arches and underground crypts, known as the catacombs. 

Then visit the most traditional residential areas of Lima: San Isidro, El Olivar, and Larco Mar, including Love Park where we have a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.


Visit with us the great oracle of Pachacamac, an imposing shrine built about 1800 years ago and adored by different cultures to the last Inca heyday. According to many archaeologists and historians Sanctuary hosted the most important deity of the coast of Peru, a major center of pilgrimage which was attended by men from almost every corner of this land, to present their best offerings and consult the oracle that afforded their future. Join us for this mysterious journey into the past and explore together their sacred temples and halls of worship. Our walk starts with the picking of our customers in their respective hotels. After a journey of about 40 minutes south of Lima, on the way our local guide will provide an introduction about the history of Lima and also explain important aspects of contemporary Lima. Later arrive at the Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac, and begin our journey on foot through the most significant sectors of this great shrine. Among the points to visit, highlighting the pyramid-shaped temples, whose steps and ramps lead us to the top of the sanctuary, where you can have a beautiful view of the valley Lurin and the Pacific Ocean. Then we will go into a great hall known as the Sun Temple, built on four platforms in a trapezoidal shape, which form a truncated pyramid. This compound is attributed to the time when the Incas were expanded along the coast, as one can see clearly in the Andean-style architecture. Here too we can see the huge plaza of pilgrims and the beautiful campus of Aclllas or enclosures of the Chosen Women, dedicated to temple service and manufacture of fine fabrics for the nobility. Finally we visit the museum site of Pachacamac, which exhibits in its main hall remains of the artistic expressions of the various occupants of Pachacamac, including ceramics, textiles and a beautiful carved, which is believed to represent the divine image of the god Pachacamac. Our tour includes a brief visit the traditional district of Barranco, which has as main attraction the famous Bridge of Sighs. Finally we return to Lima along the Pacific coast, scenic tour of our beautiful landscapes Peruvian coast.


Admission to the Museum is via a large dome similar to the safe of a bank. In the grounds for the Gold of Peru can be seen over seven thousand pieces of gold, silver and platinum as well as textiles and mummies belonging to the Pre-Columbian cultures of Peru, as the Lambayeque culture, the Moche, Vicus Culture and Cultural Chimu. 

One thing that is striking is the variety of procedures that the ancient Peruvians used to manufacture metal parts. There are pottery and worked on military weapons based techniques embossed, laminated and welded, to name just a few. There are also relics craft master alloy result of various metals in the shape of animals and people representing different cultures. 

Another attraction is the Museum of Arms of the World section, collected during trips abroad founder of Peru. You can see swords, hand guns, rifles, serpentines, shotguns, handguns, pistols, rifles and even uniforms dating from the thirteenth century BC and whose state of optimal conservation is also worth admiring.